Is bitcoin a good investment?

For the knowledgeable investor, the world of bitcoin offers a multitude of possibilities. Bitcoin is an internet based currency that can be exchanged for dollars, pesos, lira, pounds or any number of other monetary units.   Therefor it can be exchanged like other forms of money which fluctuate across the globe in the international marketplace. There Read More


The story of dogecoin

Like all new types of cryptocurrency, Dogecoin has a unique story behind its creation and rise to prominence. Based on the genetic makeup of the Bitcoin, the Dogecoin was invented by an American man named Billy Markus. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Markus set about the task of creating a “fun” type of cryptocurrency that would Read More

bitcoin-buying guide

Guide to buying bitcoins

There are many ways to obtain Bitcoins on the open market. Quite simply you can accept them as payment for services or products, and your Bitcoin collection has begun. You can buy them from a friend or acquaintance for an agreed upon rate. You can even buy them from an exchange by using your standard Read More


How to stay anonymous when using bitcoins

The idea of anonymity has been tossed around quite a bit during discussions of Bitcoin. Bitcoins can be bought and sold between parties without divulging any significant personal information. This fact has led users to believe that transactions are, in fact, anonymous. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true. The parameters upon which Bitcoin was founded Read More