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Bitcoin and online gambling are (almost!) a perfect fit. There are many pros when it comes to gambling with bitcoin; the transactions are fast and anonymous, there’s no chargebacks and you don’t even have to worry about taxes. Bitcoin also isn’t official currency, so gambling with it isn’t illegal anywhere, no matter where you’re located. However, there are some negatives when it comes to bitcoin casinos as well – mainly the fact that regulation of these casinos is difficult, since staring one doesn’t require an official gambling license. If you deposit your coins to the wrong casino, your money might be gone forever.

Luckily, gambling with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is becoming increasingly popular, which means that the reviews have started popping up. But even online reviews aren’t always completely trustworthy. Many “professional bloggers” will give any casino a good review, as long as they get paid enough. That is why I decided to start this website – I gamble a fair amount myself, and hate it when scumbags post fake reviews just to make a little bit of money. The reviews on this site are 100% based on personal experience and feedback from my readers.


Top 3 Best Bitcoin Casinos Online

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s start with the actual reviews. Here’s my top-3 list to help you find the best bitcoin casino online, based on very strict criteria. If you gamble at a bitcoin casino listed below, I can guarantee that you won’t be scammed – I play in these casinos myself.


1. Bitcoinpenguin Casino

logo 270Quick veridict:

  • All deposits instant
  • 75% of cashouts are instant
  • Over 200 great games from 3 providers
  • US player friendly
  • Anonymous

Bitcoinpenguin is a newly established bitcoin casino, and also my new favorite. They are powered by the reputable Softwiss platform and also utilize provably fair technology, so there are no issues of trust. Softwiss as a software supplier is extremely strict when it comes to protecting their reputation, so any casino powered by them is most likely legitimate.

Bitcoinpenguin’s website is also very stylish and their games are super-high quality, just like established real-money casinos, which shows just how much the quality of bitcoin casinos has evolved in a short amount of time. You’re no longer forced to play at a sketchy-looking website coded by a 15-year old that only offers 1 boring game, which is really refreshing!

The registration process at Bitcoinpenguin couldn’t be simpler; just enter an email address, password, and choose your currency. That’s it, nothing else is required. They claim that depositing bitcoin to the casino is “instant”, and I can confirm this. The technology is obviously fully automated, and you don’t need to wait for anyone to validate the deposit. Cashing out is just as fast, except with big amounts (5+ btc)

There is currently no first time deposit bonus, but there is a nice loyalty program, although you have to email Bitcoinpenguin to get it activated, and it is only for big time players. In fairness, casinos like these that require no information can’t really offer massive first time deposit bonuses to everyone simply because they would be too easy to abuse, so a loyalty program makes much more sense from their point of view. This isn’t a big deal, since most of the competition doesn’t offer legit deposit bonuses either, and the ones that do either have horrible wagering requirements or require you to confirm your identity, which can be a chore and take days.

Oh, and you can also use dogecoin or litecoin to play at this casino.

In summary; if you’re looking to gamble with bitcoin in a reliable casino and want a bit more variety than just a simple coin-toss type of a game, Bitcoinpenguin Casino might be for you. Visit them at!


Lucky Lady's Clover, one of Bitcoinpenguin's more popular games

Lucky Lady’s Clover, one of Bitcoinpenguin’s more popular games


2. Switch Poker

Switch Poker is a popular poker room that has recently started accepting bitcoin payments. It is a licensed online poker site, and in addition to bitcoin, you can also deposit with Neteller, Skrill, Mastercard, Visa and other minor processors.

This is a poker room, meaning that you play against other real live players. However, according to Switch Poker’s policy, they do not accept players from the US at the moment. Sorry, ‘murikans :( .

Switch Poker was originally designed to be played on a smartphone, but gained in popularity as they introduced bitcoin payments. They use a merchant account to process the payments.

Due to being a licensed casino, the bitcoin benefits are limited – but the bonuses offered are much bigger, and this is still an excellent option for those looking to play bitcoin poker outside of the US.


3. Primedice

By this point, it can already be called a classic. Primedice was one of the first bitcoin dice games. There’s only 1 game; dice, but it’s addicting and easy to understand. The game is provably fair, and the social aspect of a chat system makes relaxed gambling a lot of fun.

You can see all the bets in real time, thus allowing to laugh at your friends when you see them losing :)

And although it might be very overly simple for some, I still had to include Primedice on this list. I have, after all, spent hours upon hours on there myself.



Frequently Asked And Important Questions

Please view the FAQ below to get answers to any possible questions you might have.


What Is The Best Bitcoin Casino For Players From The US?

Every bitcoin casino that I know of accepts players from anywhere, including the USA. In fact, most casinos don’t even ask for your address or even your name. That is exactly what makes bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies so great. It is a completely unregulated currency with high levels of anonymity, although one must remember that bitcoin isn’t automatically anonymous and it is your responsibility to keep it that way. Visit the Bitcoin Wiki for more information on this.


Is gambling with Bitcoin really legal?

Every legislation has different laws, and this website offers no legal advice. Bitcoin is relatively new, and since it’s not official currency, gambling with it can be compared with gambling with any other virtual currency, like money on World Of Warcraft, for example. Additionally, due to the highly anonymous nature of gambling with cryptocurrency, legality should hardly be a problem, because even if it were deemed illegal, getting caught would be difficult.


How can I protect my identity when using bitcoins?

Please check our freshly written article at the blog: How to stay anonymous when using bitcoins.


Article updated in 2024.

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